Here is a “before” photo, sans make-up. Helpful hints!!! all this years working with my eyeshadows and trying to find the best shape for my eyes and here you have all the right answers for my eye type with a excellent simple clear explanation finally everything makes sense in regards my eye makeup situation. Melissa. It is quite dramatic in the way that this shadow appears to push the hood back.

~Melissa xx. I am 71 and had the eye lift surgery 20 yrs. . I do find that highlighting under the brow helps my issue. You don’t want to take up any of that precious lid space. Gail x. Melissa, I think your tips are great, but your “before” and “after” shots are very deceiving – the before shot is blurry and dark. Required fields are marked *. Your Over 40 Expert; The most truth you …, new ways to use make up. Use a light highlighting shade and a very small, stiffer brush. I highly recommend it. I used the first one on the bottom with the #10 brow/liner brush. Question — any similar tips for preventing makeup from settling into creases BELOW your eyes and accentuating those wretched fine lines/wrinkles? With even lighting, your followers would get a much better idea of what the makeup is accomplishing. But the hoods are back! I am always discovering new ways to hide all of my growing “issues” due to aging, lol. the “mobile” part of the lid is the part that actually moves. ~Melissa xx, When I click your Amazon link for the eye shadow for hooded eyes ( NYX Limited Dream Catcher Palette DCP 01 – Golden Horizons) , It says the product is no longer available. I hope you find something that works well for you. Great post! Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller. But the above tips will work for anyone who is looking to help reduce the look of hooded eyes.

When using eyeliner on hooded eyes, keep it extremely tight. I do feel like it would be an amazing difference. You know how it is- only so much time and $$ , but I’ll get there eventually! I had the same thoughts–the first photo is darker and a little out of focus. Noticed the whites of your eyes also look brighter in the “after” pic – do you use drops or another product to lose the redness around the iris? This is where, as your skin loses it’s elasticity, the upper part of your eye, begins to droop forward onto the mobile part of your lid. Perhaps it was just a cloudy day before you did your makeup, and sunny afterwards. I’ve been getting more and more frustrated by these old lady eyes that I have suddenly. Place lighter colors on the areas that you would like to “bring forward” or accentuate…….creating a highlight. This will prevent that “skipping” effect over loose skin. Curling your lashes and adding mascara will really make them pop. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just noticed my eyeliner and heavier definition on eyes from earlier days looked odd in thee mirror to say the least. That way, we could see the differences easily without concern over lighting, focus, etc. A medium matte shade will be your new best friend. love to see a video. Copyright (c) 1995-2020 Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. I’d love to hear any of your eye makeup tips that work for your more mature eyes.

I really love learning new ways to do makeup as well. I’m working on figuring out video for this year.And yes, the “mobile” part would be the part the moves- the actual lid over the eyeball.You don’t sound ignorant at all! My dermatologist, years ago, told me to be grateful because it would keep the upper skin from sagging. Rebecca, lol I’m in the exact boat! Unfortunately a lot of bloggers use this trick to accentuate the difference between before/after shots. . That is amazing! Makeup is art, so do what you want and what makes YOU happy. (and because you use so little, a tube lasts forever!) I think you should do a video! THANK YOU- for the help. my Mom had hers done. If the skin on your hooded eyes is quite loose, reach over with the other hand and lift the skin while applying shadow, to create a smooth lid. Sometime over the age of 40, most of us will begin to experience the dreaded “hooded eyes”. . I use these exact drops > and the stuff is amazing! It can be any color, but it needs to be matte. xxx But my upper skin is getting loose and I’m starting to get some wrinkles below the eyes. The forehead lift… Wow natural and did the trick! And the products that are out there now are just amazing ($$- but amazing, lol). You want this color to be light and bright to draw attention to the mobile lid and make it pop out more. Depending on your own eye shape, play with the looks that look the best on you. If they are a deeper shade, I’d try out darker brown and even pure navy blue. If it isn’t you need to place it higher. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the comment! I’ve got some dark circles there that are getting more pronounced with time so I’ve been using Mac cream concealer there, but it’s a trade-off between looking younger but tired and ill without the makeup versus looking like a well-rested, healthy old wrinkly hag WITH the makeup! This is the color that you will use to create an illusion, and cause your hood to appear receded. But for MOST mature eyes, when it comes to liner- less is more and placement is everything. Any tips for eyeliner color to enhance the color?
~Melissa xx.

As a fellow over 40 make up addict, Iv noted every tip to use in my next application. Thank you Darlene- I’m so glad that you found it helpful! It should give a nice effect when it catches the light, but don’t bring it down any further, to avoid highlighting a puffy, upper lid. Thank you for sharing!!! Thank you Cheryl! Thanks for asking. Do your older eyes give you trouble? Thank you for sharing such great ideas. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. "Eyes may look smaller as we age because the lids get heavier and sag and [bags may appear]," says Laura. You did a great job on the makeup. My small, brown eyes are sort of hazel now. I’m headed to Walgreens right now and I’m going to look for that eyeshadow palette while I’m there. I believe she means the part of the lid that moves when you blink. "To draw the focus upward, diffuse darker shadow over and out past the crease," says Jeffrey. ~Melissa xx. ago. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Like what is the mobile area?

She is happy with the results. (I am using one, inexpensive and easy to find palette that I picked up. I recently changed how I do my eyes but am not sure of the colors to use.

", | Charity Hall | Makeup looks, information, swatches, and reviews, as well as the occasional book musings. "Plus, the loss of color and fullness in the lashes reduces the contrast that makes eyes look alert." Lauren, thank you! Maybe you could retake the photo after doing only one eye.

Thank you, Oh Kerry- isn’t it just SO much fun to experiment with makeup? Hi, the post is good, but I think some illustrations or a video to accompany it would help better explain.

The trick is to create some depth with the eye shadows but not have the overall look appear too dark, which can make your eyes recede. Bring it all the way to the lash line, using up every single bit of precious mobile lid (the part of your eyelid that actually moves) space. Brigitte Bardot for example has huge almond eyes or so I thought.

Sometimes the self-correction of the brows is a bit difficult for girls. Thank you so much for the information Have to rewatch for the application method!!! Thanks, Beth!

Even a little humor. The skin from the upper part of my eye is beginning to droop onto my mobile lid. Thanks so much for the comment. The color payout is so rich that the palette really lasts forever with all useable shades. ~Melissa xx. I thought my eye shadow wasn't working because I'm much older than the tutorial ladies. Just as different face shapes require different contouring and blush, so do hooded eyes with eyeshadow and liner.

I think I would get the surgery when they are bad. Now I know what to look for in a tutorial. Only place brow highlighter just below the arch of the brow in a thin line. Among other things, it makes your eyes look puffy all the time and makes doing eye makeup significantly challenging. Had the eyelid surgery… Not much help. Oh who knows what I’ll do in the future, lol. And thank you for the shout out about RETIN A- I could not agree more and it’s always nice to hear it from someone else. (Stifle that scream, please.) Your eyebrows are the frame for your face. I will definitely try these tips.

Thank you for reading and I hope that the tips are really helpful! I want to talk about some tips and tricks to apply your eye makeup and give you some help in dealing with your hooded eyes. I am so sorry to hear that! Would be great to have examples of the DOS and DONTS. If you ended up getting hooded eyes because of your weight and then you lose weight, you may end up with less hooded eyes.
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