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Speaking from the perspective of one of the largest OS vendors on the planet, and someone with a billion dollar run rate in the storage business who's code runs on bare metal in every major public cloud.... No. I don't have raw numbers and it's been sometime since we moved production VMs to SSD drives. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GENUINE HP 600GB SAS 10K 2.5" HARD DRIVE G7 SERVER 635335-001 HDD WARRANTY G8 at the best online prices at ebay! Another question to answer is do you need SAS. 00AJ096 300GB 10K SAS 6Gbps 2.5型 HS Gen3 HDD F区分 適合 00AJ091 600GB 10K SAS 6Gbps 2.5型 HS Gen3 HDD I区分 適合 00AJ071 900GB 10K SAS 6Gbps 2.5型 HS Gen3 HDD I区分 適合 00AJ146 1.2TB 10K SAS 6Gbps 2.5型 HS Gen3 HDD J区分 適合 00AJ111 146GB 15K SAS 6Gbps 2.5型 … Copyright ©2018Impress Corporation.

These SAS-4 drives will become available by end of August 2020. SSDs aren't new tech anymore.

"are they prone to more failures compared to SAS SSD and SAS 15K drives ? f�E��("�fAISܹ��j? The added power of the Cheetahs is dissipated as heat which has to be removed by air conditioning with an average COP of about 3.

Which speeds and IOPS may be expected with SAS-5? I don't see any serious business cases for SAS over NVMe going forward outside of maybe some niche hyper-scale use cases for a few reasons. 初音ミクコラボの「Acer×HATSUNE MIKUノートパソコン」が値下がり、税込99,800円に, Ryzen 7+メモリ16GBのビジネスノート「Modern 14 B4」がMSIから, 第11世代Core i7+Thunderbolt 4搭載の薄型ノート「Summit B14 A11」がMSIから, ENERMAXの水冷クーラー「LIQMAX III ARGB」に白色モデル、360mmサイズで税込12,980円, Ryzen 5000シリーズ、Jetson Nano 2GB、GHOST S1 MK III、ジョイスティック搭載マウス、arkhive、食い道楽のまんぷくあったかポーチ ほか(11月2日~11月8日分), ディスク回転数15,000rpmのHDDの新製品が久々に登場、Seagateの「Savvio 15K.3」が販売中だ。販売されているのは容量146GBの「ST9146853SS」ので、実売価格は28,800円(詳細は「今週見つけた新製品」参照のこと)。, シリーズ最大容量の300GBモデル「ST9300653SS」(実売価格46,800円)については、「納期要確認」としている。, 2009年7月に登場した前モデル「Savvio 15K.2」とスペックを比較すると、最大ディスク容量が146GBから300GBに、バッファ容量が16MBから64MBにそれぞれ増加し、内部転送速度も122MB〜160MB/sから151〜202MB/sへと向上している。, さらに、信頼性の向上もうたわれており、年間故障率(AFR)は0.55%から0.44%に低下したとしている。, ちなみに、同店によれば「7,200rpmのSAS HDDに比べ、このクラスのHDDは部品の質が高く、速度より信頼性を求めて購入する人が多い」という。, 300GBモデルの主なスペックは、ディスク枚数2、ヘッド数4、平均消費電力が動作時7.92W、アイドル時4.23W。146GBモデルの主なスペックは、ディスク枚数1、ヘッド数2、平均消費電力が動作時7.41W、アイドル時3.86W。平均シーク時間は両モデルがリード時2.6ms、ライト時3.1ms。, なお、同店では、回転数10,000rpmの新モデル「Savvio 10K.5」も販売されている。実売価格は600GBの「ST9600205SS」が40,800円、300GBの「ST9300605SS」が25,800円。シリーズ最大容量の900GBモデル「ST9900805SS」(実売価格69,800円)については、納期は受注後2〜5日後予定としている。, □Savvio 15K/Savvio 10K(Seagate Technology)□オリオスペックによる製品情報, □関連記事【2010年3月6日】日立 HUS156045VLS600他(今週見つけた新製品)【2009年12月19日】日立 HUS156060VLS600(今週見つけた新製品)【2009年10月24日】Seagate ST3300657SS(今週見つけた新製品)【2009年7月11日】15,000rpmの6Gbps SAS対応HDDが発売に Otherwise, it was pretty much a wash. %%EOF 0000001564 00000 n And if the SSDs last longer than that, they become not just cheaper than HDD, but cheaper than free.

I've frankly kinda had it with SAS RAID Controller firmware quality. :D, First thing to consider is how often you turn over your systems and if you care about Warranty. Even with 6Gbps SATA SSD's, vs 12Gbps SAS HDD's, your IOPS performance is going to be orders of magnitude higher with the SSD's. That aside, all things being equal, I would ALWAYS buy SSDs. And do you consider SAS-5 also history? 0000084891 00000 n Will be used for ESXi. Go a step further and you can consider SAS SSD drives. The other thing to keep in mind is IOPS performance. There is basically no use case anymore where 10K or 15K SAS is better than SSD.

How do you come to that conclusion, for which SAS configuration and version?

My guess is Dell is just using the OEM warranties.

If that's not in use, you might be able to get away with SATA vs SAS as Kevin stated. The HBA's are pretty stable, but the amount of regressions from trying to introduce seemingly simple things (like SAS buffering)  for RAID controllers and SAS expanders has just been embarrassing. Any other suggestions are welcome, Thanks for your time. h�T�=o� �w~ō�:�]K�J��:�N��"Հ�x�/+U���x8~�Ͻw �;3`��yK����'�i�:����f�xےp��@J�?rqI���y���"9?���|~�İ���3���#�_�����/w�"B[�f8X\�6H�O� 0000003439 00000 n All rights reserved.

OS doesn't need to translate reads and writes to SCSIOP and device doesn't need to do it back, it's system NVMe driver @block (Linux) or @class (Windows) level talking to the actual hardware in the language it understands - NVMe protocol) and (b) doesn't have multiple long (2^16) I/O queues (c) bound to CPU cores <-- These b+c iare HUGE. Some of these guys have very tight  power or thermal requirements that they want to function in and don't want to re-engineer from scratch. Given what we pay for electricity, the SSD array pays for itself in about 4 years. �G��z�8#�f�vt�O��3�s�?S`���{��W3�k⾜T&�Ø:7Rf�\0�v�T{ �;G�G�+ m���N3vp����\����t���N��ּ-���&6'Ers�Q���eS9�h�d�������� ��C�g�z>���1���`h^��t屮*l1��� If we go with SATA SSD what type RAID you reccomend ? 15K SAS drive's sustained throughput can be up to about 300 MB/sec before hitting mechanical limits (can only spin so fast). 0000169535 00000 n Now the question is how much of a performance boost do you see between the following two types: I know it might depend on our workloads, but wanted to hear from spiceheads in this group who already did that and if they had seen any performance gains after migrating from SAS 15K drives to SATA/SAS  SSD's. 2.

The actual failure rates will depend on environment as much as manufacturing, and SAS drives are generally used in better controlled environments, so have lower replacement rates than SATA, which are used in pretty much anything.

"��"e��a���S�OxM(��_�S�^�ZjW��k5P����'z��t�"�O�����p��L�����2v0�y�(�T�=�����\�[7��N�+Xc�d�N�V������aR�$�T��Xd>p��1 ��Dw�P�*7w�>�E����-8p�L{���"�Z� Ozw�-ޟ�_���%:��}�. ESXi will be loaded on IDSDM SD cards, since it has very little foot print.

endstream endobj 18 0 obj <> endobj 19 0 obj <> endobj 20 0 obj <>/Font<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>> endobj 21 0 obj <> endobj 22 0 obj <> endobj 23 0 obj <> endobj 24 0 obj <> endobj 25 0 obj <> endobj 26 0 obj <>stream �99 Plus, you don't have to worry as much about a puncture with SSDs so it's going to save you physical disks. A �� Same for SAS spinning rust. This brings you to power for cooling, power for the disks themselves, etc etc etc. Your bottlenecks may be elsewhere. (If you buy a new server with 10 SATA SSDs and extend the warranty to 5 years, the disk warranty expires at 3 years. Scaling SCSI isn't free. Free shipping. by Also keep in mind the TYPE of SSD you get. h�bd`ab`dd�rwwsp��t���H�)K-�LN��L�(ɪ��f�!��C�G���_5��Ye켣x���o\��O������e�s~AeH��F��������4� %PDF-1.4 %���� 2) Need the extreme capacity that spinning rust provides (aka, you can't afford it). It costs a lot more CPU interrupts to handle, and at a certain point this makes use of these systems on any commercial software that bills you per core makes this a non-starter. Dell does not cover SATA disk for more than 3 years regardless of your Warranty length! Just compare the pricing of a 1DWPD SAS SSD vs a 1DWPD SATA SSD. 1. In my experience, even high quality 15k SAS fail simply because they're crammed into a chassis in a room that does not have ADDITIONAL cooling. Going from spinning SAS to SSD SAS has made an incredible difference. I doubt you're getting a '5DWPD' equivalent SATA SSD with a white label on it, even if you spend extra for it.

Even 1DWPD SATA SSDs are likely going to outperform 15k SAS spinning rust in latency and match them in throughput when you setup a RAID on a good controller. 0000002440 00000 n Price wise you won't save much going 15K drives. GENUINE HP 600GB SAS 10K 2.5" HARD DRIVE G7 SERVER 635335-001 HDD WARRANTY G8. Now with new server Dell gives options for both SATA SSD  and SAS SSD's. 0000026066 00000 n 3.

So, we actually have a few dozen Cheetahs that are perfectly serviceable, but we can't afford to run them because of the power consumption. Get the item you ordered or your money back. Adding more throughput to SAS matters more for heavily oversubscribed chassis. trailer 0000169625 00000 n dwT��������:�oM��)D6Lv]��aU\��by��]��/���J���*Z�r響!�rد bvl� Something went wrong. 0000072422 00000 n <<398E22662AF21546AA8A86C39577DCB2>]/Prev 186066>> 0000061882 00000 n 0000146189 00000 n なお、同店では、回転数10,000rpmの新モデル「Savvio 10K.5」も販売されている。 実売価格は600GBの「ST9600205SS」が40,800円、300GBの「ST9300605SS」が25,800円。 (or CPU or Ram, again - depending on the workload). 0000000016 00000 n I was unable to predict the performance change from all the numbers, which led me to do the empirical test. I wouldn't call that history. item 2 HITACHI 600GB 10K SAS 2.5" 6Gb/s SAS HDD HUC106060CSS60 1 -, HITACHI 600GB 10K SAS 2.5" 6Gb/s SAS HDD HUC106060CSS60. I have my SAN filled with those. That is not a confidence builder!Gregg.

If you buy a computer with a 1 year warranty, it's not going to have a WD Black hard drive, it's going to have a white labeled green or some kind of Hitachi or Seagate rebrand green disk. At this point without a crossbar I can get a few hundred TB of Flash so I'd argue this is a  spacious article at best.

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